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Hart Focus Workshops

HeartMath has joined forces with organizations and professional trainers to make our world-renowned coherence building technology available to the public. HF workshops include coherence building techniques for quick and sustainable stress reduction. You'll also learn the science behind the HeartMath System and see in real time how your emotions impact your body. 

Transforming Stress , Transforming Lives!

This high impact program provides simple, proven tools and technologies that can be implemented in real-time to reduce stress and help retrain the human stress response to healthier, more productive function.
Introducing the emWave2
    Introducing the emWave2

  •  " I found HeartMath/Hart Focus to be an effective tool for me to deal with stress and to increase my productivity, clarity of thinking, intuitive listening and energy. I see HeartMath as a management tool to help boost employee performance, creativity, and health resulting in greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and better attitudes. What better time than now?"

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