HF at the Amercian School of The Hague

Workshop Hart Focus /Heart Coherence at the American School The Hague
open to everyone to register
Rijksstraatweg 200,  2241 BX Wassenaar

Tuesday: October 9
Time: 10.00 - 11.30 hrs
Price 85 euro

This workshop, "Heart Focus/Heart Coherence with Live Cello Music", brings astonishing benefits for your total well being. The cello is seen as the instrument of the heart. The heart will open up as soon you feel and hear the first vibrations of the cello. 
You will experience how it feels to be in total emotional and physical balance, with your heart as your guide. You will learn, specific breathing, movements and heart coherence exercises, that will produce the rejuvenation hormone DHEA, which reduces your stress levels, lowers your blood pressure, and makes you more confident. You will feel more connected to your soul, to your life, and to those around you. Cello CD and hand out are available. This you will use during your 3 x 3 minutes practice at home.
Heart Coherence is used in Businesses as Motorolla, Boeing, SVB, at schools, as heart-brain learning technique, at the Olympics, to raise performance, lower stress and produce rejuvenating hormones that will raise your feeling of happiness.
For more specific information have a look at our pages 'ENGLISH info' and Biofeedback device' and see how it can help you and your children with their work at school!

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